Elevator Polyurethane Buffer

Our elevator polyurethane buffers are produced in accordance with EN 81-1 / 2: 1998 + A3: 2010-F5 final format, EN 81-20: 2015, EN 81-50: 2014 standart and 95/16/EC direvtives. Polyurethane buffer operating temperature is between -40 C and +80 C. It can be continuously operated in humid environments with an average of 80%. Compatible with oil and grease. All necessary tests have been done as security equipment and documents have been taken. In the direction of demand, plate is mounted on the bottom polyurethane buffers to provide easy assembling.

Our wishful customers can supply our products with mounting plate. Our customers who have prepared the mounting plate or block in their own way can use our product with polyurethane bushing which does not have the problems of wear, breakage and warping in the bumper stud hole.